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Gerardo Alfonso Piquera was born in Jovellanos, Matanzas Cuba.

He attended school both day and evening, and studied architectural design under Gotaldi (the famous Italian Architect) at the University of Havana, and sculpture under Evelio Lecourt and Julio Fuentes Pinos at Cuba’s prestigious San Alejandro Art Academy Superior Institute of Art. He also studied historic restoration and went on to restore many of Cuba’s national treasures including the Capitol Building, the National Theatre (Teatro Garcia Lorca), the monument to the USS Maine, the University of Havana and numerous other monuments, statues and relics of Spanish colonial times.

Gerardo has several commissioned sculptures on public display in Cuba. He participated in Cuba’s Fifth Biennial in 1994. His art has also been on exhibition in galleries in Cuba, Spain, Brazil and Panama, as well as the United Stated. Additionally, he has received many awards for his art including the National Grand Prize for sculpture in Cuba, the Emerging Artist Exhibit at Limner Gallery in New York City and Prix D”Excellence, Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, New York.

Gerardo moved to New York City in the 90s. He began working as an assistant to the renowned sculptor Tom Otterness. He worked alongside the sculptor to create numerous public works for display both in the United States and Europe. Gerardo also worked for Art in Construction, a high-end interior design firm, working on projects for Jerry Seinfeld and Richard Gere as well as designing the system to create the interior of Max Mara’s flagship store in SOHO, New York, in collaboration with the respected Italian design firm, Studio Grassi.

Gerardo’s focus is now on his own career. His creative energy has led to a mastery of many mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture photography and design. Gerardo’s work is varied and rich, with exceptional attention to detail. His work represents many styles including hyper-realism, figurative sculpture, surrealism and abstraction.

Al Piquera Studios