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These works I am showing belong to a series; All created in Havana Cuba, Panama, New York, Florida and California.

Reflection, Ideation, development of love are a mix of the contents of my interior. Elements that dissipate with the morning light and are replaced with clean contours of infinite and repeated horizons. I invent the parable from worlds born from within logic or in its absence, surrealism or poetic illustrations, a receptive exercise in the contemplation of abstract thought.

It is a surprise that I always want to give myself and share with all, the fruit of intuition in harmony with my being, an allusion to what could take place on the outside, an opening and unity of the elements of my authenticity, a permanent vigil in the discovery of my creative self.


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Gerardo Alfonso Piquera was born in Jovellanos, Matanzas Cuba.

Al Piquera Studios